Atoka, Tennessee, is the first Yeshá school located outside the Jacksonville, Florida, area and it is run by 4th degree black belt Master Deon Frisson and his wife, Janell Frisson.

The instructors and junior instructors at Atoka Yeshá, under the guidance of Grand Master Coker, emphasize the physical, mental, and character-building aspects of Taekwondo.

The physical goals of our program are to build strength, endurance, balance, coordination, cardiovascular heath, and flexibility. Our mental goals include an improved ability to focus, more self-confidence, and the ability to listen and follow directions. Finally, our character goals are given equal emphasis. They include respect for others, respect for self, strengthened self-discipline, and most importantly, a moral compass based on the model of Jesus Christ.

Also, we like to have fun! During the last three years, we’ve shared time together outside of class at baseball games, car washes, tournaments, church block parties, a Halloween party, and Christmas caroling. We’ve enjoyed community service projects such as demonstrating Taekwondo for a local nursing home and teaching Taekwondo at a day camp for kids with ADHD.

At Atoka Yeshá, we strive to build an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie where we come together to learn Taekwondo and share God’s love. During each class, we take time to learn from the Bible such things as “The Fruits of the Spirit,” “The Beatitudes,” and how the life of Jesus reflects the Five Tenets of Taekwondo.

Our school has students from age 5 to 50 and classes are for all ages. Bring your family and come join us on Tuesday night and Saturday morning for fun, fitness, and fellowship.


1915 Rosemark Road Atoka, TN 38004

(Gateway Baptist Church)

Tuesdays & Thursdays

6:00-7:30 PM

Senior Instructor

Master Deon Frisson, 4th Dan
(901) 236-8371

Class Administrator

Janell Frisson
(901) 236-8421