Yeshá Dinsmore

From the first time you step onto the polished wooden floor of Dinsmore’s school, it’s obvious something is different. That difference becomes more obvious as you see our students hone their skills in Olympic Taekwondo in a facility that rivals Jacksonville’s college gyms. We are blessed to have a facility which allows a large group to be broken down into multiple smaller groups for individualized training. While our facility may wow you, it’s the spirit of our students that will awe you and will instill a desire for you to keep coming back for more.

We are fortunate to have students which vary in age and background, but share a common love for Taekwondo and each other. Indeed, we have come to think of each other as members of a family. Our “family” gathers for monthly parties conducive to building relationships that will last through the years. On these nights the young and young-at-heart gather to celebrate our student’s achievements and just have fun.

Our classes do not just focus purely on the physical, but the spiritual as well. Classes begin and end with prayer. A short devotion in the middle compliments the class agenda for that evening.

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Lead Instructors:

Ron Bohannon

Dee Harrold 

Anthony Jones

Class Administrator:

Carolyn Loizzi




Yeshá Dinsmore (Dinsmore Baptist Church)
10500 Old Kings Road
Jacksonville, FL, 32219

Class Times:

Monday/Thursday 6:30-8:00p.m.