About Yeshá Taekwondo

Yeshá’s Mission

"The mission of Yeshá Taekwondo is to train and develop Disciples of Christ through sanctioned martial arts."



Yeshá’s Vision

The vision of Yeshá Taekwondo is for our disciples to demonstrate Christian leadership principals which will positively impact the lives of the individuals they touch.

Who We Are

Yeshá Taekwondo is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3), Community Development organization. Yeshá’s classes are free of month to month charges so anyone can participate, regardless of their financial ability. We give our time and energies to those willing to learn. It is our desire to make the training balanced so each person may maximize their personal and professional potential through:

  • Physical Training - for the healthy conditioning of our bodies.
  • Mental Training - for the discipline of our minds and lifestyles to better serve our community.
  • Spiritual Training - for the strengthening and enlightenment of the individual to better enable him/her to achieve their spiritual goals.

Yeshá’s Founder

Yeshá was founded by Charles W. Coker, a 9th Degree Grandmaster who holds Dan grade certifications from the USA Tae Kwon Do Association, Korean Ji Do Kwan Association, World Ko Am Mu Do Federation and Kukkiwon. He was an active competitor retiring in 1983 ranked 2nd (in his division) internationally by Black Belt Magazine.

Yeshá’s History

Yeshá began as a single Tae Kwon Do class at Neptune Baptist Church; Neptune Beach, Florida on June 13, 1983 after Grandmaster Coker closed the commercial schools he and his brother (Grandmaster James Coker) owned. Before long, schools were started in other churches, community centers and store fronts maintaining the same principles and free training. Yeshá continues to train on both an educational and competitive level. We are one of the few AAU, USA Tae Kwon Do Association and World Tae Kwon Do Federation membership groups in the country. Our competitors are recognized worldwide for their abilities and accomplishments.

You can also meet our masters by clicking here