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Yesha Holiday School Closings

Argyle:  Closed December 22, 26 & 29thArlington East:  Closed after December 16th.  Resumes in January.
Atoka:  Closed December 24, 27, & 31st.  Resumes January 3rd.
Baldwin:  Closed December 25-29th.  Resumes January 2nd.
Dinsmore:  Closed December 22, 26, and January 2nd.
Fort Caroline:  Closed December 22, 26, and January 2nd.
Fruit Cove:  Closed December 24 & 31st.
Greenville, S.C.:  Closed December 27 and 29.
Goose Creek, S.C.:  Closed for the rest of December.  Opens January 3rd.
Mandarin East:  Closes December 26 and January 2nd.
Middleburg:  Closed December 19, 22, 26 30 an possibly Jan. 2nd.
Middletown, M.D.:  Closed December 23, 27 and 30th.
Murray Hill:  Contact Instructors.
Oakleaf:  No Closures.
Southside:  Contact Instructors
St. Augustine:  Closed December 24 and 31st.  Resumes in January.

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