Student & Family Testimonials

I always wanted to take Tae Kwon Do but it was too expensive for a family of five…We have a great Godly teacher and great classmates and I’m already on my way to yellow belt !!!!! I have met some very nice people and I feel very close to all of them. It’s a fun, exciting, and challenging class. I feel more confident, brave and bold. I wait to get to each class to see what I can learn next…I am not sure where Yeshá will lead me, but I am willing to go the distance with the Lord’s help.

Emily F.

I wanted to join TKD in the past but it was too expensive. Now I feel more confident in my ability to protect myself. It has helped me grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. I feel more challenged to do my best with each and every class.

Matthew F.

I was not sure I wanted to join a TKD class, but my dad said it would be good for me. I have never been the physical type. Give me a good horse book and I was good to go. I didn’t think I would fit in with this type of class. I have never felt very confident in myself…After a few classes my classmates and Ms. Lisa started telling me how good I was. They also encouraged me to keep coming to class. So, I guess you say that was God’s way of saying that He didn’t want me to quit. I soon realized that God was using me as a tool for His ministry.

Lindsey F.

It has been a joy to watch our children grow in the Lord through Yeshá Ministries. They have learned respect for others. They have learned how to act and show respect for the leaders in the class. They have also learned respect for the sport of TKD…Sometimes I forget that they are even in the class with me, because we are there to learn and to enjoy a gift of TKD. We already feel like our class is our family.

Susan F.

Yeshá Tae Kwon Do is a wonderful gift to our family and is just one of the ways in which Jesus Christ’s life still touches us all.

Charlie N.

I received a blessing from God when Yeshá Ministries was introduced to me at Creekside Christian Church. Being a part of Yeshá Ministries has brought me full circle in my Martial Arts Career. Having the opportunity to integrate my Christian walk and faith in Christ with my Tae Kwon Do training is an answer to my prayers.

James L.

I started taking Tae Kwon Do in August of this year a Murray Hill Baptist Church with instructor Rich McCarty. I was 43 years old and 250 pounds and had decided to make a life change. I had never taken martial arts before and truly had no idea as to what to expect, after the first class of stretching and sweating I was hooked. At this time (4 months later) I currently weigh 227lbs. and my blood glucose readings have dropped by 70 points. I recommend this class to all of my friends and customers as this is the best decision I have made in a long time. Thank you Yeshá for putting this school out there, you are true community servants.

Carl C.

When I was first introduced to Yeshá Ministries I was 53 years old thinking my life was slowing down…I thought at first, I would be too old to do this physically, since I had problems with my back, off and on…We started out doing stretches for warm up. I was still feeling great even after we learned some moves…When I went home that night, I prayed that if this ministry is what God has planned for me, please give my body the strength to endure. The next morning as I was getting out of bed, I noticed my back wasn’t hurting like it had for the past four years! I stopped and thanked God for His answer to my prayers! That Saturday I was there 30 minutes early warming up and getting ready for class. Through Yeshá Ministries, I have learned love for God, the art of Tae Kwon Do, and how they mix with my everyday life.

Richard R.

Breanna, who is 11 has always been a very shy child. When she was little, she would hide behind me whenever other people were around because she didn’t want to talk with them…I’m talking about church family also, people she knows…Breanna and I started class in January 2009…Her self esteem has increased dramatically. In the last two months her schoolwork has improved. She’s become more self-motivated and responsible in doing her work independently as well as her responsibilities at home. I have witnessed her talking to people at church that she’s never spoken to before.

Carrie S.