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THIS IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING RELEASE OF LEGAL RIGHTS BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN THIS CHAMPIONSHIP. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST SIGN BELOW. RELEASE OF LEGAL RIGHTS I understand that participating in the martial arts tournament involves an element of danger even when matches are supervised and protective gear is used. Despite the danger, I want to participate, or my child to participate, in the 2017 Yesha Championship. I knowingly and voluntarily assume all risk for myself and/or my minor child involved in and participating as a competitor in this Championship. I assume the responsibility for all medical expenses for the treatment of permanent or temporary injuries and/or the loss of life for myself and/or my minor child including those risks occasioned by negligence. I relinquish all rights to claim or recover damages for personal injury and/or death or those of my minor child even if my injuries are caused by negligence of another person or entities. This Release of Legal Rights is not only binding upon me but upon my survivors and representatives as well. This Release operates in favor of Yesha Ministries, all Tournament directors, promoters, sponsors, officials, Masters, East Pointe Baptist Church, contestants, volunteers, and any other participants.
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Acknowledgement of Release
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