Springing forth new life through Taekwondo

Goodbye winter, hello Spring!

Springtime is often referred to as the season of rebirth and regrowth. Living in Northeast Florida we know Spring to be more of the official “Allergy Season.”

Although not much renewal takes place here in Northeast Florida’s vegetation, Yeshá Ministries, a local 501(c)(3) Taekwondo School chain, is demonstrating major signs of growth.

Established in 1983 by Founder Charles Coker, Yeshá began as a single Taekwondo Class at Neptune Baptist Church. Today, there are more than 18 schools. One of Yeshá Ministries’ newest schools was launched just last month.

In partnership with The Salvation Army of Northeast Florida, Yeshá Ministries is bringing taekwondo to the Salvation Army’s Jacksonville Citadel Corps (church). This class is especially for residents at the Towers Center of Hope and participants of other Salvation Army programs.

“Yeshá’s classes are free of month to month charges so anyone can participate, regardless of their financial ability. We give our time and energies to those willing to learn. It is our desire to make the training balanced so each person may maximize their personal and professional potential through: Physical Training, Mental Training, and Spiritual Training,” stated founder, Charles Coker.


One of the families who participate in Yeshá Ministries’ programs mentioned how Yeshá Ministries is helping their family not only get a balanced training, but bringing forth new life into their family interaction.

“My family and I joined Yeshá Ministries in November 2016. Being homeschooled, my wife and I were looking for something to get our daughters involved with to stay active and socialize with other students. After reading the manual, handbook, and attending one of their first classes, I decided I had to get involved with them too,” according to Curtis Murray. “Since we started to participate in Yeshá Ministries, I have seen a growth in all of our physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Thanks to Yeshá’s classes, my daughters have learned discipline, respect, courtesy to peers and authority, and patience that is being seen in all other areas of their life.”

Brandon Forschino