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Tae Kwon Do DAD

In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we would honor one of our dads who participate in Yesha with their children. Meet Brad. Brad and his family attend the Oakleaf School located at Oakleaf Christian Fellowship, Jacksonville, FL.

“While sitting in a Sunday service at Oakleaf Christian Fellowship, my family and I had heard about the launching of Yesha at their church. Me and four of my children started right away. Eventually, all six of my children joined in,” stated Brad.

Brad and his wife have two biological children, four children who were adopted, and are currently fostering one more!

“The best part about participating in Yesha is doing it as a family. It gives us something to talk about, practice together, and is great for relationship building. As a father of girls, it is also great to know they can defend themselves!”

Although it is common for teenagers to naturally grow farther apart from their parents as they mature, Yesha’s programs have given Brad and his children a common ground that most teenagers lose. Brad mentioned how it has also spiritually brought them to closer to the Lord together.

Outside of classes, Brad and his children have found fun ways to give back together. Each month, the family collectively helps teach with the lead instructor for one of Yesha’s outreach schools - SeaMark Ranch.

In closing, we’d like to share some valuable advice that Brad has gained from his experience for both children and adults:

For Other Dads:

“If you’re on the sidelines, it's such a great opportunity to have something to bond over. It’s one thing to take your kids to an activity. I challenge you to immerse yourselves with them. Practice at home, work together; as opposed to encouraging from the sidelines. It has definitely opened a lot of doors for me and my kids.”

For Kids:

“It’s the only way you will be able to kick your dad and not get in trouble.”

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Brandon Forschino