Salvation Army And Yesha Ministries Provide New Joy & Happiness After Darker Days

Local non-profit, Yeshá Ministries has paired with the Salvation Army to aid families in need.

Yeshá began as a single Taekwondo Class at Neptune Baptist Church but has opened schools  in other churches, community centers, offering the original principles and free training.

Yesha classes are structured around the student’s growth and improvement.

“It is our desire to make the training balanced so each person may maximize their personal and professional potential through physical, mental, and spiritual training” stated founder, Grandmaster Charles Coker.

This is exactly what Jacksonville Florida Resident Denisha found through the Salvation Army’s partnership with Yesha.

Success Story

Denisha was strong enough to leave but found herself drained after coming out of a situation involving domestic violence.

With limited resources and a 5-year old son to take care of, Denisha wanted something for him to become a part of.

Denisha and her son Delcardo became residents at the Salvation Army where she soon discovered Yesha Ministries. She joined the Taekwondo classes to get her son involved and now they encourage one another as they both participate together.

 Denisha has gained the strength to continue on her journey upward toward stability, wholeness, and peace which she can provide and pass onto her son Delcardo. She has found this through the love and support poured into her and Delcardo by the family at Yesha Ministries.  

“My family outside of my biological.” -Denishia.

Statistics Show

Children growing up in fatherless homes is an issue to take seriously. Data derived by the National Center For Fathering concluded that children from fatherless homes are 4 times more likely to be poor, they are more likely to become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, and suffer from health and emotional problems.

Boys, in particular, are more likely to become involved in crime. Yesha Ministries has helped redirect Delcardo’s future by giving him lessons in discipline and self-control while reassuring his self-worth and providing him an outlet to release all of that 5-year old energy. Delcardo’s likelihood of a positive future is reestablished before he can really even grasp the difference. 

Looking Forward

 Yesha’s hope is that Delcardo and other students will begin from the positive end. Starting their lives with a foundation based off of the lessons they learn through the practice and people at Yesha Ministries.

 The greater vision being that this will allow these children to go further, learn greater lessons, and pass them onto the next generation. Giving them an even higher base from which to begin their lives and so forth.

 Not every child and family is this lucky but if Yesha can do it for even one, they feel as though they have accomplished their mission. Their arms are open and they provide a shelter that allows citizens to come as they are, regardless of financial situation or vices.

Brandon Forschino