Meet the Miller Family

I am a fourth generation Salvationist (a member of The Salvation Army church), so my family and I were excited to learn from our pastor, Lt. Dominic Blanford, that Yesha and The Salvation Army were partnering at our corps. My family and I were more than willing to support our church and figured that getting into better shape was a bonus. We also loved the ministry opportunities that would present itself through this school. 

We, as a family, have experienced amazing things this past year. 

I had not been feeling "quite right" for a few months and ended up in the ER last May. After much testing, the doctors discovered that I am a Type 2 diabetic. I have gotten my blood sugar under control, and I have lost around 70 pounds. I tell people that if a middle-aged, overweight, type 2 diabetic with two screws in her knee, (I broke my knee in 1998) can do it, then anyone can do it. 

My daughter, Laura did not start with my sons and me last February. She had injured her back in the summer of 2016 and was still on the road to recovery. We had a few months of worry and waiting for Nemours to find out exactly what was wrong with her back. We were unsure if her injury was to the extent of feeling her paralyzed. At this point, it was just a waiting game. Praise God that she was not and they found the diagnosis of spondylosis, which is spinal arthritis. After being cleared by her doctors and physical therapist, she started classes in the late spring of 2017 and is currently an advanced white belt!

My sons, Garrett, Johnathan, and Ty, have all had amazing interactions with the children that attend class from The Salvation Army Towers of Hope. Many of the children that attend Yesha classes also attend our youth programs as well. Garrett has lost around 45 pounds, Johnathan has lost about 50 pounds. Ty, who was already in pretty good shape, has gained so much in his confidence.

Nick Swanda, our instructor, is always supportive and works with all the different issues that seem to follow my family. He reads up on the various health issues that we face, and tailors of instructions to meet those needs. I can not imagine what our lives would be like if we had not joined this class. 

Our goals going forward with Yesha is to learn more about ourselves, to keep the healthy benefits flowing, to minister to those that come to class, and to become the warriors that we were created to be!

- LeEtta Miller (told from her perspective) 

Nick Swanda