Meet Yesha's LARGEST Family

Meet this month's featured family, the Cortes Family!

Cortes Family 2.jpeg

This is definitely one family you don't want to mess with. With 15 total members, 10 of them are students with four more on deck! 

The Cortes Family has been involved with Yesha for about four years. 

"Yesha has given our family the opportunity to develop relationships; they are homeschooled and did not have a lot of friends before they got involved with Yesha. It has been a great source of relationships for our children," stated Mrs. Cortes

"Not only are we getting great exercise and encouragement, Yesha has helped us maintain our core values of putting God first. The environment is perfect for our children and all the instructors and other students are great influences on our children!"

Cortes Family.jpeg
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