Yeshá Murray Hill (Murray Hill Baptist Church)
4300 Post Street
Jacksonville, FL, 32205

Class Times
Monday/Thursday 6:30-8:00p.m. 


When we at Murray Hill Yeshá Ministries think about what makes us unique, we don’t have a lot of answers. We don’t feel special or out of the ordinary because we do things very similarly to other Yeshá Clubs. However, we have found a couple touches (which you may not find at any other martial arts center) that lets those who attend know that we care deeply about them as individuals.

First of all, we arrive 30 minutes early to insure that if any of the students feel they need special help, we can be there to give them individualized attention. There is nothing we would rather do than invest in each individual person.

Second, our instruction is focused on the specific needs of the students in the class. When we focus on their needs, the instructors feel they have an opportunity to learn valuable lessons during the teaching process. That is why we take instruction so seriously. Since we take our lessons so seriously, the students do also. They work very hard to earn their belts.

Our last special aspect of our school is that the families of our students stick around to watch a lot. They like hanging out and often end up starting class themselves. You see, most of our class is made up of different families.

While we may not be unique, there is something special about our families and the way we love and care for each other. We just like being at class, learning and investing in each other.

We hope you will come see us.

Lead Instructor: 
Chadwick Hurston, 2nd Dan
(904) 229-3511

Class Administrator:
Todd & Tina Gross
(904) 710-2418