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Yeshá Taekwondo

Our Mission:

At Yeshá, our mission is to train and develop Disciples of Christ through sanctioned martial arts.


Our Passion

Yeshá Taekwondo has been offering affordable Taekwondo to northeast Florida for over 34 years. We are also the largest non-profit, Olympic sanctioned, Taekwondo organization in Florida; and we have expanded to locations in South Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland. We give our time and energy to those willing to learn, regardless age (5+ yrs. old!) and financial ability.

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Become An Instructor

Have you ever thought of using your Taekwondo skills to advance His Kingdom?

Our Black Belt instructors are truly the backbone of Yeshá Taekwondo. From leading lessons at our 17 schools to evaluating students at our Demonstration Tests, our instructors are essential to our mission. Our ministry would not be possible without the time they give volunteering their skills.

We are constantly looking for new black belts dedicated to developing Disciples of Christ through the sanctioned art of Taekwondo. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact our Executive Director, Hank Wright at


Our Impact



Schools Established

With our first school founded in Neptune Beach, Florida on June 13, 1983, our ministry has grown immensely. Currently, we have over 17 schools in over 4 different states, including Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland.



Years Serving communities

In 1983, our founder Grandmaster Charles Coker began Yeshá Taekwondo with a single goal in mind: Helping develop Disciples of Christ through sanctioned Taekwondo. 34 years later, we continue this same mission.



Olympic Qualifiers

Throughout the history of Yeshá Taekwondo, we have had 1000+ local, regional, and national Junior Olympic USAT/AAU medals. Additionally we’ve 20+ Individual Junior Olympic Qualifiers, as well as 4 Olympic Qualifiers that came from our schools.


Balanced Training

Throughout our 17 schools, our skilled instructors aim to create well balanced training in order to maximize our students personal and professional potential. To achieve this goal, we’ve established a balanced curriculum, focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual development of our students.



Taekwondo is an intensive sport, instilling strength and resilience in all of our students. Learn exciting skills like kicking, sparring, and breaking boards! Yeshá holds weekly classes, quarterly seminars, demonstration tests, and even a summer camp VBS in order to advance our mission!


While the physical aspects may seem like the major training, the true challenge in learning the art of Taekwondo lies in mental strains of this sport. When training, we must realize we are capable of more than we think we are.


Our training is ultimately focused on introducing our students to Jesus and strengthening disciples of Christ who make disciples themselves—through sanctioned Taekwondo. Our classes include prayer, scripture, and fellowship with other believers, while using the art of Taekwondo as a tool to advance His plan for our students.

Join a School Today

With over 17 schools in four different states, you are sure to find the perfect class near you. When you join Yeshá Taekwondo, our balanced training helps our students gain self-confidence, strength, and discipline. Begin your life-changing journey with Yeshá today.