About Yeshá Taekwondo

Our Mission:

"The mission of Yeshá Taekwondo is to train and develop Disciples of Christ through sanctioned martial arts."

Our Vision:

The vision of Yeshá Taekwondo is for our disciples to demonstrate Christian leadership principals which will positively impact the lives of the individuals they touch. 


Yeshá Taekwondo is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3), Community Development organization. As the largest non-profit, Olympic sanctioned, Taekwondo organization in Florida, Yeshá Taekwondo has have been offering affordable Taekwondo to northeast Florida for over 34 years. Sharing our passion for Taekwondo and Christ, we have expanded to locations in South Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland.  

We give our time and energy to those willing to learn, regardless of age or financial ability. Our fees are minimal, as membership dues are only $60 per year or $30 for 6 months, with a one-time uniform cost of $40. So all you need to bring for your first class are some gym clothes and a water bottle!


Our Story:

Yeshá began as a single Taekwondo class at Neptune Baptist Church; Neptune Beach, Florida on June 13, 1983 after Grandmaster Coker closed the commercial schools he and his brother (Grandmaster James Coker) owned. Before long, schools were started in other churches, community centers and store fronts maintaining the same principles and free training. Yeshá continues to train on both an educational and competitive level. We are one of the few AAU, USA Taekwondo Association and World Taekwondo Federation membership groups in the country. Our competitors are recognized worldwide for their abilities and accomplishments.

Yeshá is an affordable, life-changing, initiative that aims to instill the virtues of Taekwondo while pointing students to Jesus.
— Hank Wright, Executive Director